A Hero dog takes a bullet for the owner while protecting him in armed robbery

How loyal is the Doberman, will they risk their lives to save us? 

Dogs are very trusting, affectionate, above all loyal, and a Doberman Pinscher in this story proved it.

A Doberman Niki was quietly waiting for her owner - Loodewyk De Jager - to return after he withdrew his monthly salary from the bank in the town of Brakpan, South Africa.

But when he arrived, two thieves approached, pulled him out of his car, and threatened him with guns.

His granddaughter, totally unaware of what was happening outside, pulled the gate open to allow Mr. De Jager to drive in, but then she noticed the robbery, she panicked and began pushing it closed again quickly. However, Niki had escaped while the door closed.

Incredible footage from outside their house shows one of the robbers holding a gun to the 58-year-old at point-blank range, when Niki and another dog - Duiwel, rushed to his aid.

As the robber fired his gun, Niki jumped between him and Mr. De Jager, pushing the thief back but she got shot in this process.

According to The Mirror - local press, the devoted Doberman needed 14 stitches after being shot in the back, but amazingly the bullet missed all her vital organs, she’s taking some well-deserved rest and is recovering well.

“She saved my life! They would have shot me, they told me they were going to shoot me.”, "Niki is doing well", "She is strong and full of energy.” - Mr. De Jager told the outlet.

All we know is the dogs are people’s best friends, but this Dobermen took that saying to a whole new level.