Do you think a dog can get a doctor’s home visit when you’re in danger in an emergency situation?

This is a true story about a dog who tried to save its owner during an emergency which the main character in the story reminisces and recounts emotionally.

Odie was adopted by Mr. Haley from a local Animal Rescue Center. “Odie was a great companion to me whenever I’m feeling depressed or lonely, she perfectly understands me and showers her love towards me,” he said. “On one of the days, she cried alongside me when I was heartbroken inside and I knew that she is an affectionate person.”

One day,  Mr. Haley was down and sick, struck with fever to the point he couldn’t get off the bed. Because he’s had congenital heart disease so that situation became serious if he didn’t get a timely cure.

There was nobody in the house except for Odie and she immediately ran out of the door while Mr. Haley was wondering where she was actually going. 

“My doctor lives in the nearby street and Odie has accompanied me to visit him occasionally. I imagined that she would ever think of going to invite the doctor or even find her way to his house sometimes” he said.

Luckily for him, the doctor was at home and seeing the dog was in a hurry and there seems to be something wrong somewhere.

He promptly followed Odie and came to the house with all emergency kit. Then he administered drugs to Mr. Haley and he was healthy once again. The doctor commented that if not for the prompt response, the situation might have been a different one.

Odie saved her owner’s life in her own way, oh what a memorable day Mr. Haley will never forget!