How to take care of Rottweiler’s coat

Rottweiler’s Coat

According to accepted norms, Rottweilers have a double coat of fur, not hair. In fact, there is no fundamental difference between hair and fur, so it is not incorrect to say that a Rottweiler has hair because hair is a collection of keratin strands, and that’s what makes up a Rottweiler’s coat. However, the term fur is more applicable for Rottweilers based on the accepted norms.
Like many other dog breeds, Rottweilers have two coats. The outer one is of medium length and is straight, sitting flat against the dog’s body. Texturally, it is quite a coarse coat, and it is also dense.
The under is shorter than the outer, but it is also quite dense, adding to the overall thickness of a Rottie’s fur. This coat changes seasonally.

Rottweilers are considered moderate shedders for most of the year.
However, seasonally, they experience “coat blowing” whereby their entire undercoat is replaced within a short space of time. In the warmer months, the thicker undercoat is shed and replaced with a thinner coat. This lighter undercoat is replaced with a thicker one in the warmer months.

The short, flat coat makes Rottweilers one of the easiest dog breeds to groom. The smooth coat requires little more than frequent brushing and an occasional bath to maintain healthy and shiny.


How To Maintain A Rottweiler’s Coat

1. Grooming

Brush your Rottie every day with a rubber curry brush. Rottweilers have short coats, and the soft rubber teeth of a curry brush grabs dead hair and pulls it away from the body. Brushing not only remove loose fur; but it also helps spread natural oils over the entire coat.


2. Bathing

Bathe your dog three or four times a year. Soak the dog with clean water and soap him thoroughly with dog shampoo. Rinse the dog well and dry him with clean towels. Rottweilers have low natural odor, and frequent baths are not necessary unless the dog likes rolling in the mud.

3. Keeping It Dry

The double coat of your Rottweiler is dense and can trap water. A damp dog is a smelly dog and a breeding ground for bacteria, so make sure they are completely dried. If your Rottweiler is happy with a hairdryer, use it at its coolest setting, and don’t bring the nose too near your dog’s skin. Otherwise, a good rub down with a towel should do the trick and get most of the moisture out of your Rottweiler’s coat.

4. A Good Diet

A healthy diet is vital for a Rotties’ healthy coat. Their food should be well-balanced and contain all the nutrients and oils that their coats need.
It’s best to consult a veterinarian about which food your Rottweiler should eat.

5. Sufficient Exercise

Exercise keeps your Rottweiler fit and healthy, so helps maintain a beautiful, shiny coat.

6. Keeping happy

A dull coat or abnormal shedding is one of signs indicating that your Rottie is being unhappy or anxious.
Make sure that you Rottweiler has sufficient environmental enrichment, plenty of time with you and the family, and is not left alone too often.

7. Parasite prevention

Fleas, ticks, and mites are all parasites affecting the health of your dog’s coat, which irritate and damage the skin, affect the condition of the coat.
Additionally, fleas and mites poop in your dog’s fur, which can accumulate and stick together, causing matting.

8. Cleaning eyes

If your Rottweiler gets the occasional eye booger, clean it off immediately. They can cause matting of the face fur, sores, and infections if left under the eyes for too long.
If your Rottie struggles with eye boogers, take him to see a veterinarian since there may be a health issue.

9. Brushing teeth

Brush your dog’s teeth once a week. Use a little dog toothpaste on a small dog toothbrush and brush each of his teeth in a circular motion. If he struggles or pulls away, brush one tooth, then reward him with a treat to show that brushing isn’t harmful.

10. Trimming nails

Trim your Rottweiler’s nails at least once a month. Hold his foot in your hand and trim off the tip of the nail. Rottweilers’ nails are balck so it’s difficult to see the quick. Look closely at the bottom of the nail and stop when you see a small gray or pink circular spot in the middle of the nail.


Final thoughts

Rottweilers are considered to have low to moderate grooming requirements. So it’s not a difficult task to take care of their coat.
Externally, you can maintain a healthy coat for your dog by brushing your dog a
Also, a beautiful and shiny coa few days a week, giving him an occasional bath, keeping his eyes free from muck, and preventing parasites.t on your furry friend depends on some internal aspect well-balanced diet, sufficient exercise, and ensuring that your Rottweiler is happy and content.