The brave Doberman killed 4 poisonous snakes and saved his human family, sacrificed

The hero Doberman sacrificed his own life to protect the family when the snakes slithered into their home.

In a cruel struggle to the death, a dog received many bites from several mountain cobras – each one deadly enough to kll a guy – but only succumb until he had saved the day.

A memorial service was held for a dog in India after it saved many people during its lifetime.

The Local News has revealed how a dog saved eight members of the Dawood family when snakes tried to enter their home.

Throughout many hours, the dogs and snakes fought a battle running around the family homes. The dog tried to sink his teeth into them, but it kept getting bitten by poisonous fangs.

Blood could be viewed spilling onto the porch as the dog and snakes brawled,” informed the local news.

Unlike some other snake or reptile venom which works slowly, cobra venom is fast-acting and powerful, spreading rapidly through the bloodstream to disable an individual's nervous system - frequently resulting in respiratory failure.

When the dog had finally been able to kill the last cobra, it was completely exhausting and sacrificed.

I’m shocked,” - owner Dibakar choked, “He has made the greatest sacrifice for my family. I will cherish him till our death. I pray God - May his soul rest in peace.

The story of a brave dog spread across the community and people turned out to honor him. A proper funeral proceeded before the burial.